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Retirement Plan Benchmarking

Vision & Values

We find there are usually only a handful of employees who truly embrace the “Vision and Values” of your Company. Our job is to help you evaluate your employees’ benefit plans to enhance your growth by modifying their economic activities and hence productivity of your firm.  A plan that treats all employees equally is an expense and a plan that rewards employees who share the “Vision and Values” of the Company is a benefit.  That’s our job in essence….turning a current “expense” into a benefit!

Start With a 401(k) Plan Benchmarking Study

Start With a 401(k) Plan Benchmarking Study

Your 401(k) Plan can be complex and expensive and it’s hard for you to determine what it is costing you and your participants. We will identify and compare the four components of all plans and provide a benchmarking report:

  • Recordkeeper Expense
  • Third Party Administrator Expense
  • Advisory Fee Expense
  • Investment Fund Expense

And provide a complete Fi360 report and an executive summary.
Send us these documents and we will get started….

  • Copy of your employee 401(k) Enrollment Booklet.
  • List of Assets by Fund
  • Copies of all itemized billing statements of Third Party Administrator
  • 408b(2) Fee Disclosure Statement


We utilize Fi360, a program that compares individual investment funds in your Plan against those in the same peer group. Each fund is analyzed and given a Fi360 Fiduciary Score® utilizing the following criteria:

  • Track Record
  • Assets in the Investment
  • Stability of the Organization
  • Composition Consistent with Asset Class
  • Style Consistency
  • Expense Ratio/Fees Relative to Peers
  • Performance Relative to Peers

Allowing us to build lower costing fund menus with funds that have similar or better historical performance records.

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