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Non-Qualified Executive Benefits

Employer-sponsored employee benefit plans are generally tax-deductible as a business expense.  By following IRS guidelines, these expenses, in many cases, are not reportable as income to the employee.  This leveraging of dollars for the benefit of key-employees—who would otherwise have to spend after-tax dollars to secure benefits for themselves and their families—can be an effective alternative to taxable compensation.


There are usually only a handful of employees who truly embrace the “Vision and Values” of your Company.  Generally speaking, however, most plan benefits and cost are allocated across the entire employee spectrum.  This “Global” approach to benefits hurts the business owner’s chances of singling out key contributors for meaningful rewards and forfeits tax-leveraging opportunities for key long-service employees.  Hence, the employer typically views benefit plans as an expense because of this “Global” approach.

  • This Vision and Values process first identifies the opportunity for each of the parties.
  • The process identifies who you need to help incent and why.
  • Develop a Strategic Plan to create a structure and methodology for the new benefit:
  • Gather plan documents on each employer sponsored plan.
  • Review plans based on what they do for those employees who share the “Vision and Values” of the Company
  • Draw conclusions on the effectiveness of each plan.
  • Present options
  • Create timeline to review and implement strategies.


Plans can be implemented that encompass, if not all of the ideal features, at least some of them. Ultimately, our job is turning a current recurring expense into a meaningful benefit for key contributors who share the “Vision and Values” of your Company.

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